We are the professional motorcycle manufacturers who have more than 10 patents for dirt bikes.

Other Motorcycle Bikes

Custom motorcycles via Nicot, such as, Adventure bikes, Sportbikes, Cruiser, Dual Sports, Dirt Bikes, Supermotos, etc. These are just some of the many terms we use when describing the types of motorcycle bikes we ride. one of the great things about motorcycles is that changes to their design can drastically impact the way they perform. This has spawned not only an incredible aftermarket catalog for every bike under the sun but has encouraged brands to create bikes as we’ve never seen before.

All of that has changed, and today there are tons of different types of motorcycle classes, with many of those getting their own caveats and subsections. There are terms we tend to use often when talking about bikes or on sites like this, and many of you have been asking for a bit of an explainer, so here we go.

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